First Dental Appointment for Children

When should you bring your child to see a dentist? Central Markham Children and family dentist, Dr. Edward Liu encourages you to bring your child to see the dentist six months after the eruption of his or her first tooth. Even at such a young age, we will be able to diagnose whether teeth, gums, and jaws are developing in a healthy manner.

Some parents said the primary teeth are going to fall out, why bother to fix them? Some primary (or baby) teeth will be in your child’s mouth until age 12. If a tooth is broken or infected, it can hurt your child’s health and the way your child feels about himself or herself.

Many parents are concerned about how their child will behave at these early visits and delay the appointment. It is our experience that if parents waited for too long, there may already be cavities. To fix a decay tooth in an early stage can stop decay from spreading deeper into the tooth and avoid painful and more costly treatment in the future. We would prefer to establish good oral health preventive practices at younger ages and to keep your children cavity-free. At our children’s dental office in Markham, we have experience with children of all personalities and dispositions. Often, children will surprise their parents with very positive behaviour at our practice.

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